Wo/Men For Women Project

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Wo/men for Women is a branch project under “Struggle Against Domestic Violence Project” conducted by Ministry of Family and Social Policies.

According to 2013 data of World Health Organization, %35 of women is exposed to physical or sexual violence in their lives. Again according to the same report, %38 of women fallen victim to murder are murdered by their spouses (WHO 2013). This and other research results show to us the prevalence of violence against women and the fact that women are exposed to domestic violence in many parts of the world.

In our community where violence against women occurs so severely, the purpose of this project is to contribute elimination of violence against women and raise awareness about gender based violence. Specific purposes of the project may be listed as:

To prepare a situation assessment report about violence against women starting from Kucukcekmece and Uskudar Districts of Istanbul,

To increase capacity and power of Non Governmental Women’s Organizations and Guesthouse workers,

To promote partnerships between public and authorities and Non Governmental Organizations

The Project Plan

The research team went to Belgium for a group of meetings. The research questions were the following: In what ways does the EU fight against the domestic violence? Is there decrease in the numbers of the incidents after these policy changes? Which support systems are available for women in the EU?

A questionnaire was conducted to 1000 women. In the questionnaire, the following questions were asked: How does the European woman define violence? What is the percentage of women that face domestic violence and who is this violence done by? Are there any people around them in the society that support the victim? Which support mechanisms are available for the victim? To what extent women know about these programs available for them? Do they consider women’s shelter a place of refuge?

A training is given to 100 women.  The participants of the training are selected amongst the volunteers from the questionnaire. Our goal is to let these women know; we hear them and help them solve this crisis.

Workshops were conducted in which 200 community leaders participated.  These community leaders were informed about the challenges in our battle against domestic violence in the society.

Another workshop was conducted in which 25 NGO representatives participated. Our goal is to mobilize the Non-governmental institutions and look for areas of cooperation with each other.

Training of the consultants in women’s shelter: training on domestic violence against women and children was given to the consultants that work in women’s shelters. They were also trained about incest relationships.

Closure seminar: In this closure seminar, there were 500 invitees. NGO representatives, government officials and the public listened to our findings and suggestions.

Project Report: The questionnaire, the collected data and the findings were published in a report.

Project Name: WO/MEN FOR WOMEN

Project Coordinator: Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation

Project Partners: Kucukcekmece Municipality, Ella Social Gender and Ethnicity Information Centre in Brussels

Project Venue Districts: Kucukcekmece and Uskudar (both in Istanbul)

Project Date: 2014/2015

Project Budget: 168.045 Euro

Project Center: Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation

Address: Murat Reis Mah.Yeni Dershane sok. No:8 /1 Üsküdar

Phone:  +90 216 344 34 15

Fax:  +90 216 412 00 31


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