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 For Not To Act On Impulse…

“Learning without thought is labor lose; thought without learning is perilous”

In 1993, Hazar Group was founded by a group of women who were aware of their lack of knowledge because we had questions regarding ourselves and our history, culture, identity and religion. Although we hadn’t realized yet how living arbitrarily leads us to improper deeds when considering that our behavior are shaped by knowledge and feelings, we believed that knowledge would make us conscious and sensitive persons and help us improve.
As soon as we started gaining knowledge, we broke the routine and we faced with our own taboos even if we had difficulty to accept them and they hurt us. So that, we put distance between us and our knowledge and tested with the known-as-correct. Although we come a long way, we aware that it is a challenging journey that sometimes we are alienated, sometimes we are appreciated and mostly we are misunderstood, even we doubt ourselves,  a feeling of deficiency as we progress such as the roads that get longer as they are passed over. As we read and learn, our knowledge has indicated what we haven’t recognized yet. Anyway, we fall in love with learning and are defeated with curiosity. Moreover we encouraged by the writers, academicians, journalists who shared their companionship in our journey.  Additionally, we have our own sources beginning with “read” and ask “if those are who know equal to those who know not” on the behalf of learning. Our endless aspiration to learn has leaded us to gain a deep insight towards Turkey and World and has turned to be style of life. Thus, reading and learning have become a daily practice. Then, it has evolved from reading books and communicating with writers to reading different geographies and cultures by trips and to regard everything as a lesson and training. Our perspectives on life and even flow of life have changed and continue to change.  
Although we were a handful of women at the beginning, we didn’t limit ourselves only with women issues. Yes, we were religious women, yet we didn’t narrow ourselves only with religion. We preferred to have a holistic view. We tried to see the big picture, to have a grounded understanding and to differentiate between vanity and truth. We adopt that one’s arm is to be cut when she steal even if she is the daughter of the prophet. We aim to reach the truth not to agree the dominant ideas. On this wise, we endeavour to get a deep insight on the various issues with contribution of many instructors. Many of them already have become a member of Hazar family. They support us with their attendance and encouraging discourses.

We thank to fellows and instructors who have started the journey along us and support the dream we have. Hereby, subjects under the title Hazar Academia are the issues dealt within this scope and the texts are the summaries of the issues by the fellows. Mistakes in the texts belong to our friend and the contents are under the responsibility of the speakers.
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