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Request to Diyanet for the increase in the numbers of female high rank officials

22 October 2010

Hazar foundation delivered a petition to Diyanet Religious Affairs Authority to remove “invisible walls” in front of women’s path to leadership and administration and management. This petition was delivered to the Minister of Religious Affairs, the President of Diyanet and the Prime Minister. 33 non-governmental institutions also signed the petition for support. You can read the petition below:

The 10th legal clause of Turkish constitution states “All women and men have equal rights. The state is responsible to implement the equality of these rights.” Even though the constitutional changes gave women a priority in the community, it only stayed within books and was not implemented in institutions. For this reason, we ask Diyanet to employ female staff in high ranks as well as common staff members.

In reference to the 633 clause in the constitution and the changes made in the 6002 clause, we ask Diyanet for the following:

* For one of the three vice presidents to be a woman

* To employ more female advisors

* For three of the seven general-directors to be a woman

* To employ female staff in the following departments: Guidance and Supervision, Strategic Development, and Media Relations

* To form a Woman and Family Presidency within Diyanet

* To assign enough female members to Religious Affairs High Council

In the constitution, it is stated that there would be work conducted on women, family and youth. The departments within the Authority is supposed and expected to give service to mosques, schools, Quran centers, prisons, and centers within masjids and outside the masjids. We consider the presence of women in every place in the community and we believe through Diyanet the access to the different parts of the community can be enhanced.

Hazar Education Culture and Solidarity Foundation

Supporting Institutions

• Women Science and Culture Foundation

• Women Education Culture Foundation

• Women Rights Against Discrimination Foundation

• Capital City Women Platform

• Başarı Group

• Family Protection Foundation

• Human and Civilization Movement

• Support for Woman NGO’s Group

• Media Control for Family Protection Group

• Başak Cemre Group

• Hope Culture and Social Solidarity Group

• Housewives Culture and Solidarity Foundation

• Özlenen Children’s Foundation

• Pharmacy Friendship and Solidarity Foundation

• Asitane Culture Art Education and Solidarity Foundation

• Dialogue Group

• İstanbul Woman with Woman Institutions Foundation

• İkbal-Der

• Samsun Women Charity and Culture Foundation

• Woman Health and Solidarity Foundation

• Woman – Yeni Çözümler Derneği

• Women For Women’s Human Rights – New Ways

• Bülbülzade Education Health and Solidarity Foundation

• Fidan – Der Education Health and Solidarity Foundation

• International Sun Energy Foundation

• Southeast Technic Staff Foundation

• Şehreküstü Foundation

• Gazikent/Der

• Science Education Health and Social Solidarity Foundation

• Anadolu Education and Volunteers Platform

• Southeast Rehabilitation Foundation

• Güngören Quran Foundation

• Zeytinburnu Quran Centers Foundation

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