Turkey Wants Its Children

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The Southeast of Turkey has been facing terrorism for a long time and this has impacted on our country and its people negatively. The conflict not only blocks the services available in the southeast part of Turkey but also hurt Turkish economy. It widened and created a division amongst people and there was enmity, blood and tear shed involved. Many families suffered. Women were widowed and children were orphaned. As the terrorist groups kidnapped Kurdish children to the mountains, Kurdish mothers suffered more and they wanted to act.

These mothers started to protest against these kidnappings and demanded to have their children back safe at their homes. They said no to war. They said “Do not touch my child! This is not our war! This is not their war! Do not touch our children!” In these protests, their message was that they did not have these children for war but for peace and serenity. “Return, Turkey wants its children”  is a documentary project the journey of these women and their struggle against terror to protect their kids. Hazar Foundation was the acting producer of this project and it has been screened many Turkish TV channels and documentary channels.

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