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Purpose Of Organization
To determine the current situations and problems of women and youth and develop projects to seek solutions by improving their legal, social, political and financial entity.

To strive for personal development of women and youth; make them more sophisticated in terms of training and education through moral and material support.

To establish dialogue, communication, cooperation and collaboration between individuals and groups as well.


1- To hold   cultural, historical, academic, spiritual and so forth seminars, conventions, panels, open forums, symposiums, conducts polls et cetera and to work through every kinds of educational, social and academic studies in accordance with the purpose within the framework of laws in international and national arenas and to share the publications of those works.

2- To hold meetings, concerts, arrange fundraising tea and dinner parties, charity sales, and hold exhibits, competitions, and remembrance ceremonies, organize fun, sports and field trip activities to strengthen relations between the members or to provide financial support for the programs.

3- To establish a documentation centre by means of communication instruments, to broadcast through the website, and to publish periodicals, non-periodicals and so on, to hold course programs meetings and conferences in order to achieve the goal.

4- To found a platform and collaborate with domestic and international foundations, civil society organizations and government agencies which serve for the same purpose.

5- To constitute agencies to offer every kinds of educational, medical, advisory, legal, social, psychological services and to hire  necessary specialists and employees to operate them.

6- To establish a pool in order to meet short term loan need, to help aggrieved people, indigents, newlyweds, orphans and widows of its members.

7- To form a basis to establish a dialogue between countries and regions.

8- To associate with the state institutions and organizations on their subjects of activities in accordance with the law no. 5072 which issues the relations between civil social organizations, foundations and the state institution and organizations.

9- To organize campaigns to provide financial, legal and emotional assistance of every kind towards individuals and families which are in poor conditions and deprived of basic human rights.

10- To build and operate all kinds of commercial, financial, industrial, cultural and   sports facilities, to invest in real estates and immovable properties, to devise projects, to establish, purchase and to become partner of businesses to procure income in order to realize organization’s objectives.

11- To accept donations from domestic and foreign beneficent, to organize charity collection activities with the required permits.

12- To provide every kind of technical instruments, equipments, stationery and office supplies and so forth to create a nice working environment to get the best result.

13- To establish recreational and cultural facilities and clubhouses etc. and to furnish them for the members of the organization to benefit.

14- To open representative agencies and branch offices where it is necessary.


The organization is active on social, cultural, educational, academic, and financial areas.


Permanent membership

a) Membership requirements;

1- Every natural and legal person who has the certain requirements in accordance with the legislation and adopts the goals and principles of the organization and accepts to pursue accordingly has the right to be member.

2- Foreign natural persons must have the right of abode as well in order to become members. It is not required for the honorary members.

3- Prospective members must apply to the board of directors with the letters of reference by at least two members of the organization.

4-All prospective members must fill out and sign the application form. By doing so (Thus) they acknowledge all terms and conditions listed on the regulation of the organization.

b) Following the written application, the board of director finalizes the process and let the applicant know the result within maximum sixty days by an oral or written admonition. Accepted applicants are recorded in the register book.

c) Permanent members of the organization are founding members and the persons who applied, accepted and were inducted by board of directors.

d) When the number of branches reaches up to three, enrolment documents of the registered member move to the closest branch location. New applications are accepted on those offices. Administration committee of those branches has the right to expel, reject and approve of the procedure and informs the head office within maximum thirty days by a written document.

The Founding Members of Hazar

Hayriye Dilek KARATAŞ
Habibe KELEŞ
Nesrin EREK
Şahaser BOSTAN
Ziynet KIR
Zeynep USLU
Zeynep YÖRÜK

April 2015- April 2017 Board Members

Ayla KERİMOĞLU- Board Chairwoman
Şafak SARI- Vice Chairwoman
Sema EMEK- Secretary-General
Songül ERTEM- Treasurer
Emine AKAY
Şaheser BOSTAN


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