Project On Prevention Of Drug Addiction

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The project name: “Mom, Hold My Hand” Before It’s Too Late “

Project Coordinator: Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation

Supporting Institutions:  Üsküdar Municipality, Green Crescent Foundation

Project Duration:  8 months  (October 2014 – May 2015)

Project venues: Primary, secondary and high schools of Uskudar district

Purpose:  We want to help parents understand a health society only comes with a healthy generation. It is to create awareness about the negative impacts of drug abuse. We aim to rebuild the bridges of communication within families between parents and children and help parents connect with their kids. We want the parents to be aware of the possible dangers and help them preserve the mental and spiritual health of their children. Above all, we want to contribute to the fight against drug abuse and addiction, which is on the rise in our country and in the rest of the world.

Our subjectives: We chose Uskudar as our focus district and we plan to have awareness workshops with parents of the students in Uskudar schools. We want to educate parents on how they can protect their children, what they should be suspicious of, what are the drives for drug addiction and the impact of circle of friends on children. A training will be given by the Green Crescent Society on the nature of addiction, how it is formed, many kinds of addiction that exist. Families will be informed about adolescence and how to approach adolescent children.

Target group: Parents of the students enrolled in schools in Uskudar district and other interested parents from other districts.

Events: Once in every two weeks, a workshop will be offered in the selected schools.


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