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To a life with no boundaries…


“Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous”


A group of women founded Hazar to increase knowledge in the community in 1993. Because we as a society had issues to discuss. We had questions regarding our history, culture, religion and identity. We knew knowledge would make us conscious members of this society. As we learnt and discovered more, we were faced with out prejudices. We tested what we knew through questioning and reason. We have come a long way but we also know ours is a long journey.

We were a group of women when we started this journey. But we did not only focus on women’s issues. We knew that as members of a larger society we had to focus on a wide range of issues. We would like to thank all our friends who joined us in this journey of knowledge. All academics that joined in all our workshops and projects became a part of Hazar and kept in touch with us in our further work later on. You will find all the topics Hazar focused on in academia. The texts here are merely summaries of a larger work conducted on the subject.

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