Who we are?

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About us
Our story
Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation was founded a group of women led by Ayla Kerimoğlu in November, 1993. Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation had been operational as the Hazar Group until 3, January, 2006. The foundation’s major mission is to enable education for women and through education help create dynamic bases for a bright future for the society.

The purpose of the organization

Our purpose is to help create a balanced society by making education accessible to women in their effort to play an active role in national, international and private spheres.

“Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. “13 Rad-11 In reference to the verse in the surah Rad, we believe investing in people, taking social responsibility, supporting education and all other steps that help create a social ethics are parts of the collective Muslim consciousness.

Our Goals and Values

Our aims are; to preserve values and ethics in a world that changes constantly both on a national and international level, to learn to be human beings in pursuit of respect, intellect, wisdom, questioning and common sense. It is to make human rights a priority for us and not simply look at it from a legal and political perspective but also to see it on a religious and moral level. Our goal is to create a unity in our existence through our differences in cultures, ideas and beliefs by means of solidarity, respect and friendship.

Our Scope

Hazar Education, Culture and Solidarity Foundation prepares various trainings, organizes reading groups, and conducts civil society initiatives and co-produces programs with the other NGO’s.

In addition to that, Hazar participates in national and international events and creates a platform for an honest and open dialogue with its partners.



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